My name is Gabriel Duran Jr. My family has been in Las Cruces for at least 5 generations. I attended McArthur and Alameda Elementary, Picacho Middle School, and Mayfield High School. After graduation, I joined the US Army. Following an injury I became an honorable disabled veteran.


I came back to Las Cruces and became a father. I began my work towards a non-profit organization BringingUpDads (BUDS), that focuses on supporting, encouraging, and educating males on the importance of being positive fathers and male role models. Through this non- profit I hope to strengthen family structures for our youth as well as support ALL parents to create healthy family environments that could help us combat many issues we face in the community.


My passion for sports and youth development lead me to become a youth sports coach where I have the opportunity to connect with kids and families to provide learning tools for the youth throughout the city. I have coached in baseball, basketball, soccer, and football over the last 13 years.


As a father of three, I worked towards my education and received a BA in Government and a Masters Degree in Public Administration at New Mexico State University. I stayed in Las Cruces, working on BUDS and creating business opportunities for myself and many families throughout the city with my work in real estate. My family and I continue to be a part of this community and I want to give back by representing what means so much to me with. We need focus, integrity, and strength to represent our district. From Las Cruces For Las Cruces.



As a Councilor, I will be proactive in policy! I will speak for the people of my district.


I will ALWAYS be accessible to my constituents.


Our kids deserve recreational parks, facilities, and places to be a kid, I will support this with my heart.


I will fight for our local businesses to grow and welcome new businesses that will boost our economy.


I will work on ways to bring in more resources in mental health and the medical fields.


I will stand for public safety; our law enforcement needs support and our citizens need to feel safe!


My roots are here. My family is here. My heart is here. FROM LAS CRUCES, FOR LAS CRUCES.


Enough is Enough

In the last four years, Las Cruces has been faced with many challenges related to public safety, particularly in District 4. Local businesses and residents are overwhelmed with vandalism, panhandling, and even assault. There are little to no consequences for the perpetrators, no justice for the victims. The homeless community continues to grow as drug addiction and mental health are left unattended due to a lack of resources. Las Cruces has seemingly become a destination attraction for panhandlers across the country.


I will work towards spending our money wisely. Instead of millions of dollars going towards Political agendas, we need to invest in OUR economy. Local businesses need help paying for the damages they have incurred through vandalism, littering, trespassing, and panhandling. We need to reward and support those who work to support and protect their families. Without strong local businesses, we have no economy. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.



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